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Webinar Series: Wake Up Call – Activate and Transform into New You!

by Dilek Süzal

If you are lucky enough to stay healthy in this extraordinary times, please take a moment to reflect. This time period – after which everything will radically change in our lives – might well be an opportunity to discover your core values and talents to offer to this world. Life needs your meaningful contribution more than ever!

Dilek Süzal, a Erickson Certified Professional Coach and ICF Member offers Coaching & Training via Zoom during the period of the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Online personal & professional development coaching services

  • Online personal & professional development webinars

What's the offer with these webinars:

These webinars will provide a platform where we can think about and create ideas related to and share important topics to live a healthy, impactful and connected life.

We will hold a virtual space for each other in the time of physical distancing to connect with like minded people like us! People who care about bringing their best self and best works to this life!

Webinar Series / Wake up call: activate and transform into NEW YOU!

8 € for each webinar p.p.

The participation fees will be donated to the health-care heroes who work day and night to save our lives.

Content of the webinars:

1) BODY – 9 April 2020 – Thursday 16:00-18:00 CET

Health Matters!: 3 Ways to Overcome Lack of Motivation to Step Into Your Best Physical-Self and Contribute to Life

Want to transform your body? Want to live a more active and healthier life? Want to explore how our body-mind-soul alignment gives us the boost to overcome lack of motivation to be self-satisfied enough to make an impact in life? Rise awareness about self-care to contribute to life. Activate your body!

2) MIND – 14 April 2020 – Tuesday 16:00-18:00 CET

Mind Matters!: 3 Ways to Overcome Procrastination to Start Taking Action Steps to Contribute to Life

Want to transform your intellectual capacity and productivity? Want to achieve your goals? Want to explore how our body-mind-soul alignment gives us the boost to overcome procrastination and set our priorities to make an impact in life?Rise awareness about your great cognitive capacity & the importance of bringing your best WORK to life. Stop procrastinating!

3) SOUL – 21 April 2020 – Tuesday 16:00-18:00 CET

You do matter!: 3 Ways to Overcome Lack of Purpose to Create Your Life of Fulfilment

Want to explore your personal strengths? Want to offer your unique talents to those who need it and be appreciated for it? Want to explore how our body-mind-soul alignment gives us the boost to overcome lack of purpose, discover how we can create value to others and be satisfied on a soul level to make an impact in life? Rise awareness about how connected we are and your how your unique contribution to life matters. Find your passion, be consistent and serve others!

For registration

Webinar Body:

Webinar Mind:

Webinar Soul:

The payment will be done after the confirmation E-Mail for registration either by bank transfer or via PayPal payment request by commonroom team.

About the author

Dilek Süzal's mission is to contribute to life in a meaningful manner to help & support you to (re) discover your own values & potential and guide you towards your best possible personal and professional future.

Her background is in architecture. She has spent almost 20 years of her professional life to understand her client´s needs in order to create & build a matching physical environment for them. In time this process had evolved in a different direction; her passion of understanding the client´s needs in order to create and build a matching mind set and spiritual environment for them so that they can reach their purposeful mental and physical goals in life.

Design, sales, management, project development & public speaking are her background skills which she now combines with empathy, communicational skills and my passion of supporting others.

Dilek is married, a proud mother of two. Her expertise and passion is personal and professional development coaching. Coaching is basically a tool to reflect on yourself, discover and unlock your unique potential for everyday life and career.

One might think that it is only possible to serve coaching via on-site sessions. It actually is not. In today’s accelerated change in everyday life because of the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s better not.

At Erickson Collage International, she was trained online to become an Erickson Certified Professional Coach. She later on was honored with the ACC Certification from International Coach Federation.

In the last two years she had the privilege to coach individuals and groups from 14 different countries and 5 different continents on personal growth and career transformation. Over the past 20 years, as an (interior) architect and coach she has experienced these transitions in different countries, cultures and languages herself.


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