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Annual Raffle 2023

As for the past 6 years PWN Vienna organizes an Annual Raffle. The raffle is an addition to the annual Christmas party. Each participant of the dinner/party will automatically be added into the raffle drawing.

In order to be able to qualify for a possible prize, a person needs to register and participate to this year Christmas Party. Registration for the dinner is open and can be found on the PWN Vienna's Christmas party event page.

In the past years, PWN Vienna received generous contributions from members, partners and affiliates.

This year contributors and prizes will be listed here (in alphabetic order).

Last update: 26.11.2023

  • 4x Vouchers for a 90-minute communications training session "Powerful Comms for Confident Women" for the value of 500.-

From Ad Rem Communications

  • 1x Gift box "Tartufo" (incl. white truffle oil, olive paste with truffle, truffle butter, mushroom spread with truffle, artichoke spread with truffle, truffle sauce, cheese cream with truffle) for the value of 60.-

From Amoeni Loci

  • 2x free 3 Individual coaching sessions (1 hour session) for the value of €150.-

From Anastasiia Strohmeier

  • ​5x 50% discount on 10 mindfulness coaching sessions

  • 10x Free registration Emotional Intelligence Optimism Workshop

From Beril Barlas

  • 1x Self development journal including a Life coaching session for the value of ​€175.-

From Ceri Samvilian, Life Coach

  • ​1x Coffeelovers gift box for the value of €52.-

  • 1x Glühweinlovers gift box for the value of €52.-

  • 1x 50 gift card for a ceramic class

  • 1 hour roomrental for a workshop for the value of 70.-

From the commonroom

  • 2x 50% Discount for a 1-1 Self Mastery and Career Coaching Session for the value of 175.-

From Dilek Süzal - Coaching & Training

  • 1x gift card for an "ancient forms" class of archaeology and pottery-making for the value of €70.-

From I Love Archaeology

  • 2x 5 hours live coaching program (1 hour sessions) for the value of 500.-

From Magdalena Klosek, Certified Coach

  • ​2x Free Self-reflection Spiral workshop and up to 5 vouchers for your friends for the value of €150.-

  • 5x One on one coaching conversations

From Maja Skalar

  • 2x Pocket bags​ for the value of €150.-

From Marina Rinaldi, partner of PWN Vienna and PWN Global

  • 1x Free consultation on creating an Online Store OR 50% discount on web creation. website with individual design for the value of 100.- or between 500.- to 1,000.-

From MoBoost Software Development OG

  • 2x vouchers for a coaching session (online or face to face) for the value of €150.-

From Oana Nastase, Coach

  • 1x Free membership for the value of €105.-

From PWN Vienna

  • 10x voucher for 1 hour personal training session for the value of 120.-

From Ramona Buta - Personal Trainer

  • ​1x Voucher for 50% discount on personal color analysis for the value of €55.-

Get to know Karima on her website!

  • 1x Lean Six Sigma Master Kit consisting of 3 books for the value of €75.-

From The Lean Six Sigma Company

  • 2x 50% discount on the Communication Excellence Training (26-28 January 2024) for the value of €318.-

From Vienna Academy of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • 2x Moisturizing face serum for the value of 32.-

From YA-BE (thanks to PWN Vienna's partnership with Marina Rinaldi)

Please note that this page is continuously updated with the raffle's contributions. If you also wish to donate to this year's raffle, please fill out this form. For more information about the raffle and guidelines, please refer to the FAQ session below.

For questions about the raffle, please contact PWN Vienna Social Event Coordinators at


How many prizes can be donate? We don't have a specific limit - but we recommend NOT more than 5.

I am attending the Christmas dinner, will PWN Vienna print my vouchers for me? NO. If you are attending the dinner, please bring the vouchers with you.

I am not attending the Christmas dinner, can I still contribute to the raffle? YES. Please fill out the form and include all the specific information.

I am not a PWN Vienna member, can I still contribute to the raffle? YES.

Which information should I included in my voucher/discount? Please make sure to list the following:

  • Type of prize/session: what are you offering? How long will the session? What type of discount?

  • How to redeem it: is there a special code? Should the winner contact you per email/phone/through a website/schedule a pick-up date?

  • Contact information/email: VERY IMPORTANT!

  • Language if other than English

  • Expiration date if any: if there is a specific time to redeem this voucher, please indicate this as well.

I did not see my logo/picture on the thank you / promotional posts on PWN Vienna's social media channels. Why? Social media posts are prepared and scheduled in advance. Should a submission be received after a post is scheduled, the new contribution will be included at a later date with the next post.

I do not see my logo/picture on the this page. Why? This page is manually updated on a regular basis depending on the volunteers' time. Please be patient and your contribution will also be added here.

I am not attending the dinner, will PWN Vienna send me the details of the winner(s) of my vouchers? NO. For privacy reasons we cannot share this information. Should you need to contact the prize winner(s) we can try to connect you (please email us at in that case. Make sure to include your contact information so that the winner(s) can contact you.

How do I qualify for a raffle prize? Any attendee of the Christmas dinner party will automatically qualify for the raffle - no action needed :) If you have not yet registered for the dinner, please do so by Friday November 24 on our website event.


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