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  • Social Event Coordinator PWN Vienna

Event Review: How to successfully communicate as a leader

PWN Vienna started the new year 2023 with a member-only event dedicated to improve communication, for daily and work life.

Good leadership is about communication. But how does anyone communicate? Each individual has their own ways of communicating, a different operating style.

During this event we explored the different types of operating styles of everyone’s leadership: we learned how each of us operates as a leader, which is a combination of personality and communication.

During the evening, we got the chance to discover our own operating style! We also worked together to learn how to improve our communication and how to better understand others who use a different style.

Alexandra Deubner is a career and success coach with a strong passion for leadership and personal development: she led this interactive discovery to find how everyone operates as a leader! And how to use this knowledge for everyday communication!

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