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by Evi Psaltidi

As kids, we learned to always tell the truth. As parents, we teach our children to always tell the truth. Is truth pure? Is it simple? Facing daily interplay between different truths is a challenge in itself; so, to recognise and interpret the pure and simple truth is no easy task.

In my picture I am representing our society, ourselves, as a lady relaxing with a variety of

stylish pairs of sunglasses and a plethora of colourful birds entangled in her hair. The

sunglasses represent the metaphorical lense or fi lters we use to see the world, depending on our upbringing and environment as well as our character and emotions. The birds are the sources we decide to listen to or to believe in. So the lady in the picture chooses what she wants to see and what she wants to hear. But in her lap sits protected, a lovely colourful butterfly. That's her soul; because we sometimes need

to close ourselves off and ignore the naked or ugly truths in order to to protect our souls, so as to keep the colours of our butterfl ies vibrant.

Illustration by Evi P

About the Author

If you are interested in seeing more of my work, please visit me at my new website In addition to the prints available on-line, I also specialise in

creating unique gifts for special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, holidays and Christmas. And I most enjoy creating customised portraits called “mini Me”, which I create from personal information about a loved one provided to me; the end result is a unique image inspired by you, the customer.


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