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Research Book: How to Find a Job on the Web

by Birgit Bauer

Today, looking for a new job, you can use numerous job portals and search engines. However, it is not easy to keep track of new developments and to search as efficiently as possible. The portals differ according to size, industry focus and functions. Even experienced internet users and motivated applicants often don't know how to start. This book will help everyone, who wants to search for a new position quickly and successfully.

  • What is a job search engine, what a career portal?

  • Which job portals are the best?

  • How to use social media such as LinkedIn for job search?

  • Where do I find useful information about industries, positions, salaries or potential employers?

  • How do I search systematically, quickly and with success?

The book answers these questions, with 700+ verified and commented links, tips, examples, check lists and more.

For Austria, Germany, Switzerland and internationally. In German.

Contestant of Literaturpreis 2021 Burgenland.

Birgit Bauer

Jobsuche im Internet – einfach, schnell, erfolgreich - Österreich, Deutschland, Schweiz und international

Paperback, A5, 259 Seiten, 29,90 Euro

ISBN 9 783950 506105

It can be ordered in every book shop of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and is also available via my web shop at


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