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Gender Discrimination and Microaggressions at Work

During our January Linkup & Learn, we talked about the form of discrimination that is not so easy to grasp, the so-called microaggression. Microaggressions are subtle statements and behaviors through which affected individuals are regularly devalued (intentionally or unintentionally) in everyday life.

Microaggression leads to constant painful and humiliating experiences, which are not always easy to name and therefore often met with incomprehension. Microaggressions thus prevent justice, equality, respect, and authentic togetherness. If we become more sensitive to recognizing microaggressions, we can use this positively for ourselves as well as for our environment.

Thank you Dr. Yara Hofbauer, keynote speaker, attorney, and consultant at Upright for your excelent presentation of this important topic and lead on how to recognize and identify micro aggression situations in daily life.

About the speaker

Dr. Yara Hofbauer, is an attorney and consultant specialized in the topics of anti-discrimination, discriminatory and sexualized violence. She has worked with various companies in creating a discrimination free workplace for their employees.


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