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One tiny adjustment can make all the difference

photo: Mwangi Gatheca by Unsplash

by Joanna Kortik

I usually prefer to sleep on my back. But last night I could not and as I rolled to my left side where I felt like curling up and sleeping, I could not find my place. My left arm wasn’t comfortable. So I tossed and turned. Then tossed and turned some more before finally putting a pillow under my left arm. Ahhhh.. it was like a wave of relaxation and relief hit me with the pillow in place. I was finally cozy and quickly drifted to sleep. Sleep is vital to our performance. To our mood and overall health. Wouldn’t you agree?

On days I haven't slept enough my oldest son who is nine years old will often inquire. "Did you sleep enough?" He can tell by my mood. Adjustment is just as important when navigating your life.

Whether it be your personal life, professional life, love life or friendships. Often times the simplest adjustment can be made to make all the difference.

If something isn’t feeling right. Maybe feels off. It may not mean you need to venture out and set new big goals or make a massive change. Often times we need to give ourselves a break and just make a slight adjustment.

Just as we need to adjust ourselves to get a good deep sleep. We too need to evaluate the areas of our lives that feel stagnate, strained, foggy and uncertain and see what small adjustments we can make starting today to feel free, to feel alive, to feel loved, to give love joyfully, and to achieve our goals. Often times my clients need to make only a slight adjustment to allow flow back into their life.

A slight adjustment in your relationship could be just what is needed for nurturing love back in and making your home life happy, loving, secure and fulfilling. A slight adjustment to your marketing message could mean that instead of speaking to a sea of clients and no one really hearing what it is you desperately want to say. Adjust. You may try niching your niche. Speak to the exact needs of your audience and begin attracting soul clients who long to work with you. Tension within your team could be something as simple as miscommunication and tone. What if you could adjust this by simply sharing some helpful videos on this topic (Youtube is full of them) and encouraging everyone to evaluate their language and to practice more patience. This could mean greater productivity and a peaceful work environment.

Now that is music to my ears. Where in your life can you make a slight adjustment to improve one or all areas? Open your journal and ask yourself these questions.

Listen carefully throughout the week as intuition guides you to solutions and shows you where the adjustments need to be made and how to make them.

  1. What is the main area of my life that feels off? Needs some help and attention?

  2. What one adjustment can I make in that area right now?

  3. What other adjustments need to be made to improve this area? How and by when can I make them?

  4. What would it feel like to allow flow back in this stuck area? Really feel into being happy and pleased and no longing feeling stuck. Use feeling words. Ex. I feel ___. I am so excited about ____. Life is ______.

As you go through your week pause often and ask yourself “What can I adjust to make this better?” I encourage you to journal daily, in the morning if possible and continue to move through the questions above to all areas of your life.

About the author Joanna Kortik:

Morning espresso, fresh warm crusty bread from the local baker, bike commuting with her boys (Misa and Ralf) through narrow European streets and breathtaking castle gardens while trying her best to speak the native tongue with her south Florida accent. She piddles through her day exchanging smiles and stories of life as an expat and international business owner. Meditation music or Norah Jones is always playing. The aroma of cinnamon usually fills the air because there is always something baking and warm tea being served at her house. If she’s not home she is out hiking or on her mat slowly easing into a pose as an aspiring yogi. JoJo is as an intuitive counselor and speaker guiding women to freedom by finding the strength to lovingly speak and live their truth. You can visit her virtual practice on the web here. You can also follow JoJo’s journey and blog on the gram. She’s plant powered, almost always barefoot and on a mission to help others soften and ease into life.


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