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Mentoring Programm 20/21

Does your ‘new normal’ include career and personal growth? The PWN Mentoring Program can support you – Apply Now!

What Mentoring is

Mentoring is like having a wise colleague who wants to see you succeed, and has the experience and skills to help you figure out how to reach a goal you have set – whether personal or professional. They are there to guide you by offering advice, providing support,giving tips, and cheering you on.

What Mentoring isn’t

Mentoring isn’t having a fairy godmother who can turn a pumpkin into a golden chariot at the wave of a wand, no matter how much we wish it could be that easy! It requires commitment and motivation from both mentor as well as mentee, but should give you the skills, insight and confidence to perform your own magical transformation.

The PWN Vienna is now accepting applications for the 2020/2021 Mentoring Program – click here for more details:


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