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Sam Barbour Pringle, Mentor Supervisor

Sam is a qualified 1:1 and group supervisor for coaches and mentors. She brings a complexity attuned approach through her training as a Graduate Learning Partner with Crucial Difference and a Community Approved Group Facilitator & Supervisor for Presence In Action Collective.

She uses the P6 Constellation framework to hold reflective conversations with clients for the purpose of learning, personal development and serving others. She will co-create a receptive space with you to uncover patterns showing up with your mentees and to celebrate your wins. This space also provides a place to attend to your well-being so that you can serve others.

In her professional life she has held roles as CEO, Head of research and Chair for an NGO and before this she held management roles in the Pharma Industry.

She lives in Scotland with her family and is passional about horses and our mind - body relationship with animals.


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