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Mentoring Program Closing Party

We are beyond happy to have celebrated in person, as well as online, the completion of the PWN Vienna Mentoring Program 2020-2021. It has been an evening filled with gratitude, excitement and deep connection.

Mentoring plays, has played and will play an important role in the life of many of us and it is an honor for PWN Vienna to continue offering the possibility of taking part to a mentoring journey.

Thanks to the mentees for trusting our mentoring program and for your wonderful feedback.

A special thanks goes to our talented mentors for the energy and the time given, for sharing their knowledge and helping our mentees achieving their goals.

A very special thanks goes to the PWN Vienna mentoring team for their incredible work in making the program running successfully and smoothly.

Our next mentoring cycle has already opened the door: if you apply by June 30th you can access a very special early bird offer. We are looking forward to welcoming you, mentor and mentees in our community!

Our wonderful mentoring team 2021-2022: Anila Llagami, Carmen Visus, Viktoria Jordanovska, Ksenija Simunović, Marta Obszańska, SHIRLEY SMITH, as well as Joy (Jožica) Medoš, myself and all PWN Vienna team members are waiting for you!

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