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Event Review: The Art of Creating Fame

PWN Vienna had the pleasure of hosting Yamilca Rodriguez, Brand Therapist. Yamilca story and current work target everyone who needs to find their unique brand - and be true to themselves!

Directly from the USA, Yamilca brought us her experience as brand Leader at the Procter & Gamble Company and other brands like SKII, Olay, and Crest 3D White.

After leaving the corporate world, she is currently working in creating personal brands for her clients, product, services, and organizations. Recently she published her first book, the “Brand Therapist”!

During her presentation, Yamilca presented the 12 archetypes and let each individual take the brand test. Throughout example and the basic of psychology, Yamilca lead the discussion of type's characteristics, secondary traits, and super-fan. All of these and more, is further discussed in her book.

Thanks to Yamilca's guidance, attendees were able to finding the essence of who they are, this is essential to build their fame profile consistently.

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Some photo from @Maria Bazo


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