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PWN Mentoring Program 2021/22 - Kick-off

The Mentoring Program 2021/22 has been officially kicked off in October. Participants in the PWN Mentoring Program have signed up to achieve their goals, whether getting a promotion, making a career change or starting a business. Mentoring is important at every stage of a person’s career, whether they are just starting out or are a CEO, and PWN is committed to helping both young and experienced professionals alike.

This years mentoring team from left to right: Agnes Czibula Konda, Marta Obszanska, Ksenija Simunovic, Claudia Cordie, Viktorija Jordanovska, Carmen Visus, Joy Medos, Ani Llagami

How the Mentoring Program works

Those wishing to be either a Mentor or a Mentee fill out an application form describing the goals they wish to achieve during the program, their background and their experience. Mentoring topics include personal development such as improving communication skills and self-expression, work-life balance, professional development, management and leadership, entrepreneurship and career development. Each applicant is interviewed by the Mentoring Coordination Team in order to get a better understanding of their expectations and preferences and to ensure proper matching between Mentors and Mentees. Our matching system has a satisfaction rate of the matching higher than 85%.

The program runs from October to June, with each mentoring pair or small group meeting on a regular basis (either in person or remotely). The Mentoring Coordination Team provides support throughout the process.

Thank you to all the mentoring volunteers, who help to make this program successful.


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