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Linkup & Learn May 2021 – Interview with Sonja Wallner

Don't stop, don't quit, even though it is hard.

This is just one of the mottos that has guided Sonja throughout her whole life. For this May's fireside chat, where President Joy Medos interviewed Sonja Wallner about how she became the CFO of one of Austria's most important companies. Sonja gave us insight into her journey to the C-Suite, and discussed topics such as:

  • The importance of recognizing your calling

  • The critical role of managing - and defying - expectations, both one's own and others' (ie - her father expected her to dedicate her life to being a wife and mother)

  • Refusing to stay in a toxic work environment

  • The role of Female Empowerment

Thank you, Sonja for sharing your success story with us and being an inspiration to us all.

Sonja Wallner has had many leadership roles throughout her career. She is currently the CFO of A1 Telekom Austria AG. Before that, she was Director Controlling A1 Telekom Austria AG (2009 - 2015). She held various financial supervisory responsibilities and project leads within A1 Telekom Austria AG between 2000 and 2009. Sonja holds degrees from the Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna (Magistra) and Luigi Bocconi Milan (CEMS Master). Her studies focused on business management in small- and medium enterprises, corporate accounting, and European business law.


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