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Free Virtual Co-working Space to Beat Social Isolation

by Miglena Hofer

The Collaboratory has gone digital and we invite you to join us! We've launched a virtual co-working space to beat social isolation, promote collaborations and partnerships, provide support and inspiration.

Our events are now online!

And if you are planning to go digital but don't want to commit yet, we have a solution for you! Rent a room at The Collabratory and use our webinar equipment free of charge in April and May 2020!

Learn about the Collaboratory

Vienna’s #1 co-working space for expats.

We are the only co-working space in Vienna to offer babysitting to its members!

Vienna is a magnificent city that attracts skilled, capable professionals from all over the world. However, it is nearly impossible to continue or start your career when you are new to the city. The things you need most are a community and a place to be productive. Working from home and at cafe shops can only get you so far! That is exactly what The Collaboratory offers.

Our co-working space is designed to satisfy the needs of the international community in Vienna. Only here you can get a free legal support and use babysitting service. Whatever the reason you moved here, you should be able to bloom where you are planted!

About the author

Mag. Miglena Hofer, LL.M. is a legal counsel and co-founder/co-CEO of The Collaboratory Coworking Space, as well as one of the lawyers behind the Vienna-based non-profit Austria for beginners. She is a full-time parentpreneuer, an avid coffee drinker and a firm believer in the power of community. Please feel free to contact Miglena Hofer for further questions.

Austria for beginners – Integrationsverein at The Collaboratory Coworking Space


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