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Everyone deserves to look and feel their best!

by Karima Benamara

Hi there,

I'm Karima, a personal stylist based in Vienna. I help women and men transform their wardrobes to provide endlessly flattering outfits for work, recreation and any special occasion.

Some women own enough clothes for multiple lifetimes, yet struggle to assemble outfits they feel confident in. Some men just don’t have the inclination, hence never find the time, to shop for items that suit them.

Thanks to my fine arts background, and careful study of body types and coloring, I have been successfully advising colleagues and friends on how to transform their wardrobes for almost two decades. I can help you:

  1. Manage your wardrobe Closet bursting at the seams, but nothing to wear? Let’s trim down your collection to the most flattering and versatile garments and create looks that reflect your personality. With a streamlined wardrobe, assembling outfits for any occasion is a breeze.

  2. Save time and money Avoid buyer’s remorse by consulting someone who knows which colors, cuts and fabrics best suit you. I choose clothes and accessories that also work well with what you already own, so that you get maximum use out of every item and nothing goes unworn.

  3. Boost your career When you look good, you not only feel good, but people assume you are successful and competent. Clothes make the (wo)man. Want to attract the right job, clients or business partners? Together, let’s create a strong professional image or brand.

Available to consult in person in Vienna, Austria or anywhere in the world online.

Services include:

  • Streamlining your wardrobe

  • Body type and color consultation

  • Defining your signature style

  • Personal shopping


Email me at (Karima Benamara)

Connect on LinkedIn: Styling with Karima

Follow me on Instagram @stylingwithkarima

Wir sprechen auch Deutsch!

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