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Women Entrepreneurs Act in the Crisis

Positive, future-oriented and practical support for you!

We are entrepreneurs who have been supporting other entrepreneurs for many years with ideas, concepts and contacts to build up and successfully develop their business.

We are networkers with passion, because the exchange of ideas and knowledge inspires our own business and that of our clients.

For almost ten years now, the three of us have been working together on different occasions - and we have done so during the "corona virus crisis". As individual entrepreneurs and mothers, we experience the changes at all levels and want to encourage others with our experience.

Specifically, we offer the following opportunities:

Mag. Barbara Huber

Support with grant applications, such as what figures and proofs I have to prepare and what grants are valid for me at all:

Earning money in the crisis

Dipl.Ing. Christina Thomar

Review marketing strategies and documents, develop new approaches:

Well-prepared for the post-crisis start

Dr. Sabine M. Fischer

Sparring partner for all questions concerning leadership, communication and organisation:

Certified Supervisory Expert

Navigating safely through the crisis


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