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Book Recommendation: The Chameleon Leader

An essential book for anyone who wants to be a better leader to the millennials, and reap the rewards of this incredibly capable generation.

Millennials make up a significant part of today’s workforce and we would be foolish not to embrace what they have to offer – a unique perspective, an ethical outlook, tech-savvy minds, and a ‘no fear’ approach to the workplace.  They need a leadership style that is current - collaborative, open, transparent and inclusive - which caters to their strengths. They want to be a valued part of the leadership process. 

The book asks the question: What do you want in a leader?  The answers, summarised into nine traits that were identified by hundreds of millennials worldwide as being of the utmost importance in a leader, comprise the CHAMELEON Leader. This book was inspired by a curiosity of what millennials want from their leaders in the workplace.

An informative, straight from the source, fully interactive, exercise-guided book that gives you the practical skills you need to be a better leader, and offers a place to self-reflect on your own existing skills and create a game plan to take action.


Dr. Ranya Nehmeh holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Swiss Management University and a Masters in Human Resources from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Having studied, worked and lived in London, Beirut, Milan and Vienna, she has over eighteen years of work experience in different sectors such as telecoms, public relations and more recently in an international development organization. Most of her work experience has been in the area of human resource management with emphasis on talent acquisition, development and leadership. Ranya is based in Vienna, Austria.


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