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How to invest in alignment with your values

Thank you Aysha van de Paer for this eye-opening event and learning the basics of investing. The number one way to reduce the risk of losing money when investing in the stock market. The surprising truth about investing successfully that seems counter-intuitive. How to invest in alignment with your values and grow your savings at the same time

What others are saying

"I have always been interested in Investing and did a lot of self-learning (and failing...) over the past years. When I came across the „Invest at Rest“ program, I was curious to see if there would be something new to learn. It is such a great, self-paced course that does not only give you a great foundation but also a lot of additional food for thought and a structure how to minimize your effort while investing in a diverse and sustainable way."

Anja P., Novartis, Zurich

"I was very touched and inspired by Aysha when I heard her TEDx talk. She is focusing on such an important topic that is too often neglected. After following her for a while, I / we - through our internal global network "Bühler Generation B" - organized a webinar with Aysha at Bühler. The session was very insightful, Aysha broke down a complex topic into pieces that everyone could understand and took time to answer our many questions. It was a pleasure."

Yasemin S., Bühler, Zurich

Prior events

Aysha was a featured speaker for the TEDxLausanneWomen conference in December 2019, where she spoke in front of a public of 1,400 people. Watch Aysha's talk on Youtube:

In addition, Aysha has been invited to speak by many companies and groups, including:

Novartis, Empowering Women to Impact Now (EWIN) group in Basel EY, Professional Women Network in Zurich, Swarovski, eMpoWer group in Männedorf, Google, Google Women Engineers group in Zurich, LEAN IN Netherlands.

Speaker profile

In early 2017, Aysha lost her husband Karl in a road accident while she was expecting their second child. The new financial reality that followed the loss of her husband inspired her to share her personal story and knowledge about investing to help women achieve financial security over the long term. Aysha has over a decade of professional experience in private equity and real estate investing for established investment and consulting firms around the world, having worked and studied in New York, San Francisco, Zurich, Dubai, Amsterdam, and the UK. A gender equality advocate, she made it her mission to help women become confident investors while investing in a way that is supportive of the planet and society.


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