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Women & Money: How to make your dream come true!

Natalia Corrales-Diez

Whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up founder, student, parent or simply a person with an idea, project, or dream you want to implement, there is now a new way to "fund" your dream and make it come true. No business plan needed – just you at your best!

What does that mean? All has been revealed by our key speaker and financial expert on the last Link & Learn on October 8, 2018. We were delighted that Natalia Corrales-Diez introduced us to the Fund of Excellence. Its key motto is 'We invest in people'. Not only did she enlighten us on who is behind the we and what kind of people are eligible for the Fund of Excellence, she also shared her inspiring life journey combining a successful career with parenthood.

Natalia - thank you so much for sharing your very personal story - a story which led directly to the founding of the Fund Of Excellence. What an exciting prospect! The drive and energy that you exude is amazing - even catching! For everyone inspired to take that first step in the direction of their true vision, check out

A huge thank you to Sandra Simundza Bilandzic from Western Union and Natalia Corrales-Diez from the Fund Of Excellence for being Link & Learn guest speakers.

Sandra, we thank you for being not only the perfect host for our evening, but also for reminding us how much power we women can share and generate in the work-place - the statistics you mentioned speak for themselves!


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