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The Art of Negotiation

This week's negotiation workshop by Svitlana Kalitsun focused on bringing the powerful basics of the Harvard Negotiation Principles to practical everyday work.

Over the course of their careers, professionals gain a lot of experience in negotiating. Yet, we often see a negotiation skills gap, with many professionals missing out on valuable opportunities to create better outcomes and establish stronger relationships with their clients.

The structured training and proven frameworks helped to bridge this gap. Svitlana translated experience into expertise that helps professionals excel in their negotiations and with their clients.

Whether for Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Finance or other practice groups, in this training we learned to unlock our potential for negotiating superior outcomes, by using negotiation techniques for everyday situations, effective professional communication and client-focused representation.

This workshop included 50% hands-on practice, during which participants will:

  • experience the intricacies and benefits of interest-based negotiation concepts,

  • experiment with concepts and tools for effective preparation and execution of negotiations,

  • get hands-on feedback to apply immediately in their next negotiations.

This workshop is the second in our Negotiation Series. The series is a joint effort between Robin Cefai and Svitlana Kalitsun. There are two other workshops in this series. You can attend individual workshops, or the whole series.

  • Negotiation Series - Part I: Negotiation and Conflict Management – March 29th Registration has opened – click here.

  • Negotiation Series - Part III: Role Play and Practice Run - April 28th Registration will open soon – please check our events page.

We look forward to seeing you there!

About the speaker

Svitlana Kalitsun is a strategist and trainer at The Negotiation Academy™ and a lawyer from Vienna, Austria. She has conducted countless negotiations as a lawyer for top law firms in Austria and multinational corporations. Svitlana has gained her training at the Universities of Vienna, Leiden and Yale. To date, she has coached professionals, entrepreneurs, and students in Europe, India, and Brazil. Svitlana has helped numerous individuals excel in public speaking and leadership while serving as president of the Vienna Speaker's Club. She is an author and mentor. Her training in both NLP and persuasive communication inform her negotiation expertise.


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