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Strategies for your Success

Link & Learn April 8, 2019 at Vienna Diplomatic Academy

A huge Thank You to Dario Haspel, who discussed his Strategies for Success with us! We learnt about addressing our true passions, the 5 rules for success and 7 stages of a professional strategy. A lot of food for thought and a great deal of motivation to start thinking in new directions. How many of you there last night have already started on your list of 100 strengths? How far along are you already?

"Success is simply a question of the right strategy." Dario Haspel

How to create your dream job

Dario Haspel's approach to a success in work is surprisingly simple, clear, and full of joy, purpose, and value - a (r)evolutionary process. He has spent the past 20 years investigating success, and his own experience is incredibly varied. A former professional athlete, mechanical engineer, and project manager, he has passed through very diverse professional careers. Dario's focus is on which systems work best in which environment, and he has uncovered and developed systematic and strategic ways of becoming successful. In his lecture for PWN Vienna Linkup & Learn, Dario used examples of successful women to illustrate and describe the core principles and the seven stages the approach he employs as a strategic adviser.

Dario Haspel is a strategy and development adviser. He is a former professional athlete who played hand ball in the Austrian National Team for many years, elite student, Montessori teacher, mechanical engineer, project manager and entrepreneur. Today he supports people in creating valuable and purposeful businesses, or helping them become more successful in their existing business. He believes that anybody can achieve success. The most important step is that they have a healthy definition of success – meaning one that is balanced and in accordance with their individual strengths and core values. Dario Haspel is the owner of his company “Strategische Systeme”. He lives and works in Vienna.


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