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Make Yourself Stand-out

What makes you unique? What is your personal brand?

The September's Social Event gave us the opportunity to work on our personal brand, to make ourself memorable, learn about networking, and connect with other PWN Vienna members! We all enjoyed seeing each other face to face after the summer break and starting the new season with drinks and networking. Sabine Wieger, Business & Executive Leadership Coach, provided us with some insights of the power of personal branding, showed us some easy-to-apply tools to present ourselves for what we want to be known for and improved our networking skills. During this evening we learned how to be remembered because of our personal brand and network effectively.

Also a big "Thank you" goes out to the team of Bürofreunde GmbH for hosting the event in their beautiful office and show room, conveniently located in the center of Vienna!

About the speaker

Sabine Wieger, Business & Executive Leadership Coach, works with leaders to boost their (self) leadership skills and entrepreneurial thinking to reach their personal and professional goals. Through discovery of their own uniqueness, strengths and potential, her clients accelerate their career and business success. Most recently, Sabine has been coaching and guiding leaders through agile transformations, to help them optimize the impact on their roles and discover new opportunities opened up by organizational change. Her success-proven method is sustainable and environmental friendly, coaching virtually with leaders around the world for over 10 years accruing 1300+ of client hours. Sabine is an energetic, dynamic, dedicated and passionate leadership and business development professional with over 25 years’ experience in business and leadership development in US and European markets.


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