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PWN Vienna Workshop – Ladies in the Lead – Movie Learning Part I

Part 1 of our new series of MovieLearning webinars hosted by Lisa Vos has just started in February. In the first webinar Lisa talked about the many aspects of female leadership. We watched through clips from feature films and documentaries the importance of female role models, the change from a patriarchal to a more hybrid structure of society, and situations in which leaders need to balance certain tension fields.

Lisa explained 6 specific tension fields, explored how you see those tensions show up in your life and what leadership choices might help with reconciling the tension. The first 3 tension fields were explored in the first workshop on 16 February, tension fields 4-6 will be on the agenda for workshop 2 on 16 March.

Also, we tried a new approach and flipped the webinar. This means that the members were given access – two weeks prior to the workshops – to the clips that were discussed during the webinar. This way, participants could optimally prepare and participate more actively.

These webinars are about you and your experience. What we explored using MovieLearning are universal stories and patterns, but in the webinars we saw how this plays out for us in our practice. We took away new insights, practical actions and inspiration from great female leader role models. The clips we analysed from the MovieLearning course ‘Ladies in the Lead’. They are part of an inspiring journey through the different stages of female leadership and the competencies needed for each specific phase.

Please find more info about the workshops also in this video. As this is a 2 part workshop, please register for the second workshop here.

Important: We will share your email address with our Partner, Double Healix - Movie Learning and some days before the workshop, you will receive an email from them with access to the movie clips to watch beforehand.

About the speaker

Lisa Vos has 25 years of experience in the fields of Leadership Development and Organisational Development. Her expertise in providing learning solutions for people and organisations is grounded in solid business knowledge, combined with deep expertise in learning, development and change. Lisa is passionate about helping people, teams and organisations grow to be their best. Throughout her career she has specialised in helping organisations and leaders create real organisational change, demonstrate deep leadership and become successful in dealing with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity. She worked with a broad range of organisations from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. In collaboration with these clients she creates deep learning experiences for individual and organisational impact. Roles Lisa takes up include facilitator, subject matter expert, lecturer, executive coach, keynote speaker, team development coach, interim manager. Her engagement with clients is characterised as thought provoking and inspiring.


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