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Meet the Mentoring Program Team 2019

PWN relies on the excellent volunteer work of several of its members. Our Mentoring Coordination Team (MCT) is currently working to successfully further develop the Mentoring Program, and to engage as many Mentors and Mentees as possible. You can contact the MCT directly at and send them your questions. 

Tatjana Harms - Mentoring Coordinator

Tatjana is an adviser and manager, providing strategic solutions and communication hacks to other professionals and game-changers. She is a linguist with a degree in international economy and a deep interest in psychology and social causes. She coordinates the PWN Vienna Mentoring Program and the team of five as of 2019. She oversees the execution and development of the whole program.  Tatjana has lived in Slovenia, Serbia and Austria.

Carmen Visus - Mentee Coordinator

Carmen Visus works as Programs Manager at AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals. She has 15 years of international experience in Spain, USA and Austria. Her background includes coordinating teams and professionals from different disciplines, organizing conferences, programs management, assessing teams’ work and developing improvement strategies. Carmen was a Mentee with PWN Vienna and this helped her to transition from research to business and corporate development in the pharma industry. She is now very enthusiastic about supporting Mentees and the Mentoring Team at PWN. 

Juliane Scherf - Mentors Coordinator

Juliane was born in Germany. As a social dancer, cultural manager in the performing arts and bodyworker she has one big mission: Bringing people together and supporting them in expressing their true potential. She has her own studio in the beautiful Spittelberg, where she teaches people to be more aware of their bodies and therefore to have more energy to live a self-determined life. When she’s „off“ you will meet her on the social dance floor or on the top of a mountain.

Dieter Langenecker - Mentors Coordinator

Dieter is a Purpose Counselor. He supports people in discovering and living their life purpose, and organizations in finding their higher purpose. He was a Mentor in the PWN Vienna Mentoring Program 2018/19 and is in charge of the Mentor coordination and running the Mentor workshops in 2019/20. Dieter is Austrian.

Anila Llagami - Mentee Coordinator

Anila is a senior manager with long experience in financial management and project management in international cross-cultural organizations. She was a Mentee with PWN Vienna and is now Mentee Coordinator. Anila is looking forward to helping Mentees achieve the most out of the Mentoring Program by growing personally and professionally. Anila is Albanian.

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