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Go Live With Ease - Webinar with Elizabeth Miller

How to be instantly recognized as an authority in your field without even leaving your living room

A huge ‚Thank You‘ to Elizabeth C. Miller from Talk with ecm for showing us that with the right mindset, a good content strategy, and a little bit of technology, becoming an authority in your field without leaving the living room is a very realistic scenario. We enjoyed Elizabeth’s energizing talk and the interactivity of this Webinar. For those who missed the webinar, here is a short summary:

If you feel you have something to share, you might have been itching to produce video content and publish it online. But there seem to be too many hurdles to overcome and more often than not, these ideas may end up being shoved back into the drawer. Elisabeth provided us with three basic steps for splitting up the task, thus overcoming these barriers:

Mindset Detox The biggest thing holding back most professionals is themselves. While our natural response towards other people is positive and supportive, we often tend to be negative, critical, and discouraging with ourselves. Think about it: By getting out of your comfort zone, you will be able to silence your inner critic and learn to overcome fears, thus opening yourself up to new experiences and opportunities.

Strategic Mix The first step is to define a clear path for getting the right content to the right people. You may be a professional in your field, but transferring your offline skills into the online world requires a new approach. The content you choose will be relevant to certain audiences and certain channels - keep that in mind while writing a script. You might be surprised how many people find your content helpful.

Tech Toolbox Thanks to technology all you really need to produce and go online with video content is your smartphone. Professional editing software and studio lighting are nice things to have, but if you’re held back by the lack thereof, it may just be an excuse you’ll want to purge from your mind.

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About the speaker

Elizabeth Miller empowers high level professionals, experts in their field, helping them overcome the fears that have held them back to speak more confidently in English. With her guidance they can expand their reach, accelerate their careers and get the life they deserve. After hearing the stories of many who are struggling during this pandemic to shift their professional life online, she is teaming up with Roman Walther from Digital Advisory to create a new masterclass – Webinar With Ease. She is currently sheltering at home in Vienna, Austria with her husband and fun-loving 2 year old daughter.


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