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Raise your voice

Gabriele Haring

January 14, 2019 at Vienna Diplomatic Academy

Gabriele Haring is a very multi-faceted expert in all kinds of communication and has a strong focus on voice – both physical and symbolic. Her lecture on 14 JAN at Vienna Diplomatic Academy showed us how to "raise our voice" in a healthy and free manner. Gabriele talked about topics that are worth engaging in as women with an interest in our planet's future.

If you would like to read more on this thopic, she suggests that you watch Tom Hoopers "The King’s Speech“ and reflect on your current communication skills and habits. Patsy Rodenburg's book "The Right to Speak" (ISBN 878300554) is also good read, as is her suggestion to sing a lot of songs!

About the speaker

Gabriele Haring is Austrian. She graduated in sciences of communication at the university of Vienna. During that time she engaged in strengthening her voice and articulation skills and worked as a TV-presenter for the national broadcasting station ORF. Since 1998, she is a voice- and speech-trainer as well as a personal coach for authentic public communications – not for male politicians, however. Gabriele is also a certified as a Yoga teacher (IYTA), systemic coach, in kinesiology and digmalysis.


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