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Learn how to invest and own your financial future

At this June's Linkup and Learn session, Financial Expert Elaine Needleman walked us through the different ways we can #invest and own our #financial future. Thank you, Elaine, for all your tips and for showing us how easy investing can be with the right mindset. Main investing tip of the evening: "build up the discipline of saving on everything you can on a daily basis".

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin

Studies show that women are better investors than men, but are less likely to invest and considerately score lower on financial literacy measures. Hope we changed that after this month's Linkup & Learn event.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in our Linkup & Learn June session. How many of you have already started planning their financial future?

Studies show that women save more of their salary than men, but are 40% less likely to invest and consistently score lower on financial literacy measures. The session focused on types of investments as well as how to create and monitor an investment plan. Educational resources will also be provided to help you become further empowered to take control of your financial future.

Speaker profile

Elaine Needleman

Elaine Needleman comes to Vienna from San Francisco, where she worked for over a decade helping people to invest for retirement, save for children’s education, and transfer wealth from one generation to the next. Her former employer, Charles Schwab & Co., is one of the largest investing firms in the United States and manages over 3 trillion dollars in client assets. While at Schwab, she held a Series 7 stockbroker license issued by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority enabling her to sell shares to the American public. A global citizen at heart, Elaine came to Vienna last year as a consultant for an insurance firm offering unit-linked securities to its clients. She’s passionate about educating and empowering investors to take a more proactive role in their financial future. Elaine believes putting the client first and seeing things through their eyes is what success is all about. Prior to her career in financial services, Elaine worked on international trade policy in Washington, D.C. She served in government roles at the Office of U.S. Trade Representative and the U.S. Senate. Elaine also worked in economic development, and served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippine islands for two years.

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