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Leadership in a Changing World – Webinar with Joy Medos

A heartfelt thank you Joy Medos for the inspiring words and the valuable insights into self-improvement and leadership in a changing world! Thanks also to the very interactive international audience!

The challenges we are all facing during the Coronavirus pandemic, have further emphasized the need for adaptive leadership, which is always present in a VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). A fast changing world creates a gap between the demand for these leadership traits and the time necessary to develop them. Although this gap is perpetual, it can be closed through self-improvement, by working on ourselves.

Lead Yourself The journey to self-improvement starts with self-empowerment. Realise that only you decide how you want to act and who you want to be, so focus on what you can control. Start with self-awareness: observe yourself and know your needs, strengths, fears and doubts. Find peace of mind, and don’t forget to ask for feedback.

Take actions to build a positive attitude: create a vision board, write a gratitude journal, develop new habits that boost your energy level. In a changing world it is important to keep a growth-based mindset, nurtured by positive thinking. A situation may provide an advantage you have overlooked. Reframing a seemingly bad situation as a positive one will turn a crisis into an opportunity. Finally, reconnect with your purpose, values and motivation.

Lead Others Find comfort in “not knowing” and accept the possibility of the unpredictable. Stop overthinking and focus on what you know. Your calmness, confidence and empathy will radiate on others and create an atmosphere of safety where people are comfortable speaking up. Be honest and show that you care.

About the Author

Joy Medos is an established International Executive Coach, specialised in Leadership Development. She is an explorer at heart and leadership is her passion. Her client list includes large Austrian and Fortune500 companies. She currently also serves as a Supervisory Board Member for Gabor Shoes AG in Germany. Her background includes more than 15 years of international and corporate experience in the Oil&Gas industry, leading international, multicultural and complex teams, projects and organisations in various European countries. At 32, she became the youngest ever CEO at the company she was then working for. Originally from Slovenia, she is no stranger to the challenges of living and working as an expat, having lived in different countries around Europe and travelled the world extensively. Joy is fluent in 8 languages.


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