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In video veritas!

The November's workshop "In video veritas!“ was all about becoming comfortable in front of the camera: Solweig Higel shared how simple adjustments in light, posture and the camera settings can make a huge difference for creating a video. Furthermore the participants shared ideas and brainstormed on content details to convey their messages properly.

Many thanks to the WU Gründungszentrum for hosting us and of course to Solweig Higel for creating an inspiring atmosphere to elaborate on short videos. We are already looking forward to the second workshop of this series „Ready for training!“ on the 3rd of March 2020.

Solweig Higel built this workshop series as a training field. Her goal is to ultimately make sure that your message is well conveyed and received, whether it is through a video, a pitch or a training. The first workshop will be about videos. The participants had time and place to either: 

1. Train in front of the camera - after your first try, you will receive constructive feedback regarding posture, articulation, content, etc. and tools to improve it. Then there is no need to wait! You will try a second time with the new tools and maybe a third one if we have time.

2. Get feedback on an already existing video – we will watch your video together and you will receive constructive feedback regarding posture, articulation, content, light, etc., and tools to improve it. Be ready to record it again during the workshop

3. Get help to prepare the recording of a video – we will brainstorm together on what you will need to record your video and what will support your message. Be ready to record a piece of it during the workshop.

About the speaker

Solweig Higel mixes a long experience in classical singing, graphic design and content management. As she is very practical and has always been concerned with efficient communication, she decided to create workshops inspired from her singing education, where participants can train in a safe environment, receive feedback and tools, and finally see the increased impact of their message. Finally, Solweig believes that improving communication is smoothening human interaction and increasing efficiency in any organisation.


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