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Immunity to Change

It’s that time of year again, when we turn our long-held desires into shiny New Year’s Resolutions. Lose weight, spend some time on self-care or be a more effective decision maker, even when it comes to the unpopular decisions? Then February arrives and we realize that we are not able to follow through on our commitments. Change is hard, and even harder to maintain.

In this interactive workshop Michael shed light on how part of our subconscious mind, patterns and assumptions stop us from bringing about a personal change that we want. He also talked about what kinds of mechanisms are at play, and how to overcome them, so that we actually can and do change. The workshop is based on the Immunity to Change approach developed by Harvard Professors and Developmental Psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.

Speaker profile

Michael Bieder is a professional coach, based in Basel, Switzerland. Michael believes in the power of purpose-driven living and working. He is on a mission to help leaders and their teams to develop, grow, and to harness their potential, so that they are equipped to thrive and unleash individual and collective energy and purpose in their organizations, their communities, and their own lives. Having a business background, Michael has worked for a number of global organizations in the areas of Logistics, Supply Chain and Pharma for more than twenty years. Five years ago he decided to set a new course in his career to follow his passion for personal and professional development and growth.

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