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How to Defeat the Four Killer Excuses

How to defeat the "four killer excuses" preventing women from getting the leadership positions they have earned.

Gender diversity at the leadership level drives innovation, increases productivity, boosts profitability, and motivates employees to perform better. Despite this, closing the gender gap in leadership roles remains a challenge in many companies. The Code of Conduct developed by Fondsfrauen is intended to serve as a guideline for increasing female participation in Leadership roles. It was intended for the financial industries, but can be applied in all fields.

Interview with Christa Geyer, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board at ASFINAG

As part of our ongoing mission to support gender equality, PWN Vienna was live streaming an interview with Christa Geyer, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board at ASFINAG, Head of Center of Competence/ CEE of Raiffeisen Capital Management, and Fondsfrauen member. Our President, Claudia Cordie, interviewed her on how to combat the ‘killer phrases’ often used to explain the lack of female leadership.

They revealed the phrases that challenge and slow down the process of reaching gender equality at the leadership level, such as „Women do not provide the same qualifications as men“ and more. They also explored the recommendations on how to remove these obstacles. Christa also discussed the three main goals of Fondsfrauen, as well as their financial literacy workshops.

About the speaker

Born in Upper Austria in 1966, Christa Geyer gave birth to a daughter at the age of 18. She finished her A-levels and studied Economics and Business Administration at Vienna University of Economics and Business and worked for more than 27 years in finance, out of which two years were spend in London at HSBC Private Banking. For more than 13 years Christa has been employed at Raiffeisen Capital Management being responsible for CEE as Head of the Centre of Competence. Since September 2020 she also is President of the Supervisory Board of ASFINAG. At Fondsfrauen she has initiated the workgroup “Leadership needs Women”. Our guideline was recognized in several newspapers and has culminated in being invited at the “world women day” at Hofburg. Besides Fondsfrauen she is also a member of „Zukunft Frauen”, „All EYes on Women” and supports an Afghan to integrate in Austria. Christa has two wonderful grandchildren.


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