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How are your negotiation skills?

If you're like many of us, when you are trying to get something you want from somebody that might not want to give it to you (we're talking ALL of life's scenarios!) conflicts tend to arise before an agreement can be reached, and the negotiation gets lost in the conflict resolution.

Thank you, Robert Cefani for leading our 'Negotiation and Conflict Management' workshop, which provided practical tips and ideas to keep things on track and manage the conflictual part to keep the negotiation moving forward.

Further, Robin explored alternatives to the "fight or flight" response and keep control of conflicting situations.

This workshop was the first in our Negotiation Series.

The series is a joint effort between Robin Cefai and Svitlana Kalitsun. There are two additional workshops in this series. You can attend individual workshops, or the whole series.

Negotiation Series - Part II: The Art of Negotiation - April 21st - Registration has opened – click here.

Negotiation Series - Part III: Role Play and Practice Run - April 28th - Registration will open soon – please check our events page.

About the speaker

Robin Cefai obtained an Engineer Degree in Electronics in 1999, became a French Patent Attorney in 2005, a European Patent Attorney in 2006 and a US Patent Agent in 2007. He holds a European Patent Litigator certificate since 2016. In his in career he worked out of Paris, Washington, Seoul, Hong Kong, London and now Vienna. He spent 8 years negotiating conflictual situations in consumer electronics in Asia, Europe and the USA. Robin has been volunteering as a mentor with PWN for the last 2 years.


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