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Happy Holidays 2021

Thank you to everyone who joined the PWN Vienna Christmas Party

Games, quizzes, Christmas-song Bingo – who know Zoom could be so fun!

A special thank you to Serene, Tinneke, Claudia and Joy for organizing and hosting – and of course to the raffle contributors, and all those in the PWN Vienna community who attended!

Curious what people won in the raffle - keep your eye out - special shout-out to the contributors still to come! Let's give another round of applause from us to all our raffle contributors: - TUI Österreich - Elmar Barang MSc. Bakk. - Personal Trainer and sports scientist - Azra Bekic Trainings and Counseling - Styling with Karima - Amoeni Loci - Andrea Frevel - Eva Gruber - Habit Coach - Hélène Hercus - Certified Coach - The Collaboratory - Veronika Homolka - Andreas Hoyer - Vienna International Academy of NLP - Leedina Portraits - The Leadership Explorer

PS: Winners, don't forget to get in touch and pick up your gift.


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