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Guerilla Financial Management

Yesterday Radu Haraga, who is finance manager and helps companies to make more profit, hold a workshop about "Guerilla Financial Management". It was all about techniques to improve major financial decisions by thinking a bit out of the box. The participants were led through the evening by a professional and knowledgeable speaker who brought up links between some major theories that financial decisions are often build on. The participant left the workshop equipped with different approaches to use for financial decisions in real life. Many thanks to the speaker Radu Haraga for all this fruitful insights in the financial world and Webster Vienna Private University for hosting us.

About the speaker

Radu Haraga is a senior finance executive with decades of experience gained in multinational companies’ corporate finance departments. His professional journey went through 5 industries and 3 continents, experiencing corporate strategy at all its’ levels – from Board design to first-line execution. His colleagues often describe him as the paradoxically “passioned accountant”. He holds (maybe too) many educational degrees, from an Honors Warwick MBA to multiple Certified Accountant/Auditor qualifications and he is looking forward to have a lively debate during his PWN workshop! Radu’s “Simplicient Controlling” blog - Stay connected on LinkedIn:


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