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Gender Equality at the Workplace

Thank you, Oya Alici Günay, for your inspiring lecture about how to achieve gender equality in the workplace. Oya focused on three steps to get there:

  1. Women-to-women support We need more mutual support as women – women networks are a perfect place to do that.

  2. Self- empowerment We need to develop a better understanding of ourselves – our strengths, our values, our skills, but also our weaknesses.

  3. Understanding our business And finally, we need to have a deep understanding of our business we are in.

Oya suggests practicing five minutes reflection daily on how we can step outside our comfort zone to unleash our potential. What is your main takeaway from the workshop? Let us know in the comments.

I feel privileged to be invited by PWN Vienna to talk about Gender Equality just after International Women’s Day. I believe Gender Equality should no longer be seen as a requirement that the companies should meet; it is a necessity!

Today we don’t have the luxury to ignore or suffer from the absence of women’s talent and contribution. Different than focusing on what needs to be done by companies or how to convenience employers, managers or HR in that regard, this time I would like to discuss where women see themselves at work.

Because I believe there are three stages in the process of improving gender equality. The fundamental first step starts with women believing and feeling that they are able to do any work that men are supposed to do. And this can only be achieved by knowing themselves better. Come and join us on March 9th and let us explore this topic together.

About the speaker

Oya Günay is an Executive Coach and Strategy Partner working with leaders and senior corporate executives across the world. She has more than 20 years of international business experience, specifically focused on financial services. Oya graduated at Columbia University’s Advanced Executive Coaching Certification Program and is a certified assessment analyst on the Neethling Brain Instrument: Thinking Preferences and Korn Ferry 360. When working in Istanbul, London and Vienna, she held the positions of Head of Investment Banking Operations (Banque Paribas), CFO (ABN AMRO Capital Markets Turkey) and Regional Project Coordinator (ABN AMRO Bank London and Vienna). Oya is an expert in partnering with senior corporate executives on finding solutions to discover themselves, work through their challenges and maximize their potential. Her expertise includes high potential leadership, financial and business understanding, change management, emotional intelligence, globalization and intercultural interaction. Oya also conducts academic research on the foundations of intercultural interactions. She teaches at Istanbul Technical University. Oya lives in Vienna and Istanbul. She speaks Turkish, English, German.

Photo copyright: Andreas Hoyer


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