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Fit-for-Finance Workshop Series Part 1

This May, the new Fit-for-Finance Series has successfully started with Veronika Lammer and Cosima Patek. The goal of our ‘Fit-for-Finance’ workshop series is to encourage and enable women to plan for their future, especially retirement, and to use financial markets to do so. We will take you from learning the financial basics to making an investment plan, and then taking the first steps to implement that plan. Led by members of the Fondsfrauen Network, our speakers have many years of practical experience in the investment field, and bring In total 170 years of expertise to the table.

This workshop, the first in our series, offered basic knowledge about investing.

The topics we covered are:

  • Principles of asset accumulation

  • Investment behavior according to life phases

  • Why invest on financial markets

  • Individual risk tolerance including the psychological aspects that play a role

The other two workshops in the series are:

  • May 31st - The Most Important Investment Options

  • June 15th - Taking the First Steps

We look forward to seeing you there!

About the speakers

Veronika Lammer has been working in the financial market in various positions since 1985. 2008 she started working at Raiffeisen Bank International, where she built up the Quant Research and Emerging Markets department and since September 2016, she works as Retail Research Manager. Between 1985 and 2008, she gained experience in a wide variety of market situations; 7 years as a portfolio manager – primarily in the bond sector and 15 years as an analyst for equities at first and economics, bonds and currencies later on. Additionally, she has built up an Investment Training Program with integrated computer simulation on a self-employed basis, which has made a success at banks, insurance companies and university institutions in Austria. Veronika holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Innsbruck and a MSc from the University of British Columbia. She likes to play golf, is married, and has a daughter.

After graduating from Law School in Vienna, Cosima Patek started working as project assistant in 2013 at Raiffeisen Capital Management. As a fresh graduate starting to work the investment industry, she had to learn fast. After 3 years Cosima took over the management office, reporting directly to the CEO an. In 2019, she joined DALE Investment Advisors as a Relationship Manager, fulfilling her desire to gain expertise in direct client contact. Through the training to become a Certified Portfolio Manager, she acquired the necessary knowledge. Since then, Cosima have been supporting both private and institutional clients in their asset management.


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