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Event Review: Workshop on Time Management

What emotions do you experience when you feel like you have no control over your time?

Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, even paralyzed? If so, you are not alone . . .

Would you like to try some proven methods to become better at managing your time and boosting your productivity and success? How about integrating these methods into your life in a sustainable way?

If your answer is ‘Yes!’ this workshop on the 23rd of November was the perfect answer!

Dilek Süzal shared a short theory of time-management and time awareness as well as practical tools. She facilitated the event and offered insights gained from her personal experiences in both her private and professional lives.

"Time deserves the significance to be well consumed and we deserve to be at ease when it comes to managing it. And we all are in this together!" says Dilek. But no need to become anxious or over-stressed. With these hacks and tips for productivity and tools for seeing the big picture – of course with consistent action - you will have a higher level of inner harmony, clarity and take ownership of your time.

The workshop was hosted at the common cafe.

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