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Event Review: September Linkup & Learn with Tina Deutsch

In support of our strong belief in mentoring we were thrilled to have Tina Deutsch talk to us about the different types of mentors that have helped her throughout her life.

She gave us lively examples of mentors she had, including an aunt who insisted on driving around a traffic circle until Tina could figure out how to read the map and tell her where to exit (it took 27 rounds, but now she's an expert navigator!).

The three types of Mentors are:

  1. Aspirational Mentor or The Guru: Someone you look to for inspiration - they show you what is possible.

  2. Practical Mentor or The Anchor. Someone for a real-world take on approaching a problem or situation - they give advice you can apply immediately.

  3. Sponsor Mentor or The Connector: Someone who helps you navigate company politics and make useful connections - they are your champion and defender.

She also gave us great tips on what criteria to look for in a good mentor, how to find a mentor and great advice on how to make sure a mentor-mentee relationship is successful.

We want to give a huge thank-you to Tina, and we wish her luck with her business, Haufe Advisory!

About the speaker:

Tina Deutsch is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Haufe Advisory, an innovative online platform that brings the best freelance consultants & business coaches to organizations who need external expertise – thereby significantly shaping the future world of work. Prior to founding her own company, Tina spent 10 years in the corporate world leading large transformation programs and managing international teams, starting in an Energy multinational, moving on to a Private Equity-owned bank, and ending in management consulting. Parallel to growing and then selling her company and becoming one of the most successful start-up founders in Austria, Tina and her Danish husband, also a start-up founder, became parents of now six-year-old Anna Sophia. Tina strongly believes in the power of diverse teams and in promoting female leadership and is proud of having helped numerous women go for their dreams, no matter what.


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