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Digitalization at its Best

How to benefit from it in daily work and life

PWN Vienna Linkup & Learn at Microsoft Headquarter Vienna

As women, we have to handle a number of roles: work, family, household – and, not least, our own, personal life. The super-computer in our pocket helps us to organize, communicate, be on time and remain up-to-date – both in our private as well as our working life. However, we may sometimes feel like it is a burden.

The Linkup & Learn evening gave us busy women the opportunity to take a break from the everyday rat-race. We were able to pause for a moment and reflect on the simplifications and burdens that the digital world brings us. The goal of the evening was that everyone is enabled to make informed decisions on the use of digital technology by the time they leave at the end.

We started with an interview in which Karin asked Sabine to elaborate on her honorary office as speaker of the task force “Smart manufacturing /Internet of Things” within the Viennese chamber of commerce. Sabine provided a short overview on the influence that digital technology has on business models and business processes in companies. She talked about her efforts to support and give guidance to her management consultant colleagues in being aware of trends and their practical implementation in small to medium-sized enterprises.

Afterwards we all gather in three groups, each with a different scope of digitalization, and reflect and discuss about the implications, help, support, difficulties of digitalization in our different roles.

An excellent opportunity to explore, share ideas, learn from others and leave feeling more in control of the options and challenges that our digital age brings.

A big Thank you to Microsoft to host this event at the beautifull venue at their Headquarter in Vienna.

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