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Developing a values-based work culture to support a positive future

Last week we kicked off our Linkup and Learn series with a topic close to our hearts: values and how they change during and after the pandemic.

We had a great evening with David Evans, Leader Effectiveness Coach, who gave insights on how developing a values-based organizational culture will support a positive future.

Our main takeaway:

Organizations are changing their focus, from performance to people, from teamwork to collaboration, from achievement to innovation. It is in our powers to co-create a future in which we can all thrive.

Have a question for David? Make sure to connect and send him a private message.

About the speaker

18 years in line management, followed by over 15 years in consulting as an operational improvement, personal development and leadership consultant and coach; David Evans worked in organisations of all sizes and geographies; Visiting lecturer at York Business School. Experience: David’s career started in strategic planning before progressing into international consumer-goods marketing, sales and general management. He worked in the leisure secor for much of that time. As a consultant, coach, mentor and academic lecturer he delivers leadership development, business improvement and organisational change. He has conducted many values-based cultural assessments to establish leader-team-organisation values-alignment and to design personal and team development programmes to achieve a more effective workplace culture. David is now passionately focussed on individual contribution and the realisation of personal potential through the power of coaching and mentoring. He is a volunteer-listener for the Samaritans, a social charity crisis line for those in distress.


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