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Coffee Talks: Financial Empowerment

Knowledge is power

Sometimes however, we come across a topic where only an expert in the field can give us the knowledge we need to feel powerful. Knowing your finances, embracing the topic and being proficient in making smart choices is now, more than ever, relevant.

The November Coffee Talk was all about Finances and the mysteries surrounding this topic. Mag. Veronika Lammer hosted this session. Veronika works for Raiffeisen Bank, and is also member and supporter of Fondsfrauen in Austria, and periodically holds workshops to make people "Fit for Finance."

The advantage of this venue is to get tips and suggestions, as well as the answers you need to demystify all things financial.

About the speaker

Since more than 30 years Veronika Lammer has been working in various positions and banks in investment banking. Her major stations were equity analyst at RBI, portfolio manager at Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung, economist and head of fixed income research at Erste Bank from 1997 until 2008 and since then she worked in various functions at Raiffeisen Research. Besides her fulltime jobs, Veronika cofounded a company in 2003, Financial Experts Analyse and Training OG. The main product is a seminar on the relationship between the real economy and the financial market. The seminar is designed along an asset allocation game where one can experience investment decisions first hand. In 2018, she was lucky to convince RBI and RCM to become sponsors of the Fondsfrauen and thus extend the activities of the Fondsfrauen to Austria. Since then she has been part of the advisory board of the Fondsfrauen.


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