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  • Social Event Coordinator PWN Vienna

Annual Raffle 2022

As for the past 5 years PWN Vienna organizes an Annual Raffle. The raffle is an addition to the annual Christmas party. Each participant of the dinner/party will automatically be added into the raffle drawing.

In order to be able to qualify for a possible prize, a person needs to register and participate to this year Christmas Party. Registration for the dinner is open and can be found on the PWN Vienna's Christmas party event page.

In the past years, PWN Vienna received generous contributions from members, partners and affiliates.

This year contributors and prizes are the following (in alphabetic order).

Last update: 30.11.2022

  • 1x One-on-one 80-minute media training session for the value of 300.-

From Ad Rem Communications

  • ​2x Participation at virtual "Dream Big Vision Board Workshop" on December 30 for the value of €300.-

From Alexandra Deubner, Transformational Coaching!

  • ​1x Truffle cooking box ( Complete box of products to prepare a Truffle-Perfume recipe for max 4 people) for the value of 40.-

From Amoeni Loci: check out their products!

  • ​20x 2,5 online hours Self Compassion Workshop for the value of €50.-

From Beril Barlas Lind

  • 1x Life coaching session to help you get more direction and purpose into the new year + "Journal and discover your authentic self" - this journal will guide you with the intention to reveal and develop on your authentic self for the value of €150.-

From Ceri Samvilian, life coach

  • ​2x 50% Discount for an Individual Coaching Sessions for the value of €125.-

From Dilek Suzal Coaching & Training!

  • ​1x Free Coaching session for the value of €85.-

From Hélène Coaching: connect with her on LinkedIn

  • ​1x voucher for Kaffee&Consultation with Kat&Carmel - if you need advice on promoting your business, great! If you just want to have a cup of coffee and chat, also great for the value of €100.-

From Kat&Carmel: brand+strategy as described on their site

  • 1x 1h Coaching as well 1 of my books (german or english) for the value of €230.-

From LeanHealth4Business / inside|out communications academy

  • 6x Discounts for 2-day Leadership Development programme

  • 3x Annual membership in women lead community

  • 1x 50% discount for SELFcare workshop

From Leadership Associate

  • ​1x Voucher of the value of €150.-

From Meijerhof: visit their website here!

  • ​1x Yoga movement class and meditation for the value of 80.-

From Nadine Fusion

  • ​1x Free membership for the value of €105.-

From PWN Vienna

  • ​10x Personal training session

  • 10x Group training session

From Ramona Buta, personal trainer

  • ​1x Voucher discount for the value of 40.-

From Saecula Jewels

  • ​4x Women Future Leaders Coaching or Business Model Training

From Sara Mari-Strasser

  • ​5x Vouchers for an online yoga class (1 hour) for the value of €75.-

From Jasmin with Smart Yoga

  • 1x 25% discount on all styling services for the value of at least €45.-

From Styling with Karima

  • ​1x Day Spa Access for 2 Persons, Monday until Thursday, 10a.m.until 8 p.m. ; for the value 90.-

  • 1x 1 month Spa membership for 1 person, all days, 6a.m. until midnight; for the value of 299.-

From The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Vienna: more on their website

  • ​2x 50% discount for training "Communication Excellence via NLP" (Module 1 of the Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner) for the value of €637.-

From Vienna International Academy of NLP - VIANLP: for more information about the course and NLP Practitioner please reach out to them on LinkedIn.

Please note that this page is continuously updated with the raffle's contributions. If you also wish to donate to this year's raffle, please fill out this form. For more information about the raffle and guidelines, please refer to this file.

For questions about the raffle, please contact PWN Vienna Social Event Coordinators at


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