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A seat at the table? Women & International Diplomacy

With the world in constant conflict and no end in sight to the seemingly endless political and trade tensions, diplomacy is more important than ever. But is there such a thing as a women’s perspective in diplomacy?

We were honored to have two distinguished speakers at yesterday’s PWN General Meeting at the Diplomatic Academy Vienna. Heidi Alberta Hulan (Canadian Ambassador to Austria) and Dr Ewa Nowotny (Board Chair, University Vienna), shared their experiences and expertise in a lively and inspirational panel moderated by Mickela Moore.

“Women are particularly good at diplomacy. It does require the human touch ... women are much better at having peripheral vision and multitasking and having the capability of telling it like it is. Many of the best diplomats are women, although there are men who can do it." Madeleine Albright, the first woman U.S. Secretary of State
From left: Dr. Ewa Nowotny, Mickela Moore, Heidi Alberta Hulan


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