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Viktorija Jordanovska, Mentor Coordinator

Viktoria Jordanovska is a Communications Expert, Systemic Master Coach, NLP Trainer and High-Performance Team Coach dedicated to helping individuals and teams find inner resources. With a special focus on personal excellence, leadership, communication and teamwork, she designs transformative learning experiences to inspire and motivate growth through experience.

With over 20 years experience in communications, marketing and business development in more than 30 countries worldwide, she has worked both at corporate level for Apple, the European Commission and United Nations (IAEA); and as a serial entrepreneur. In the past 10 years she works with coaching and training people to become their best self.

Communication and people are her passion. She works with structure, unconscious patterns, programs and systemic principles - aiming at helping and teaching her clients tools to continue without a coach. Her holistic approach blends NLP techniques, Applied Psychology and Systemic Work and with her working style she achieves fast results and supports the growth of the individual and the overall organizational vitality in all kinds of systems.

"I strongly believe in the innate human potential that is in all of us, our abilities to grow and transform and that everything is possible. By developing a deeper understanding of yourself and your environment, I believe you can create possibilities for change and live the life you desire."



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