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Veronika Homolka, Mentee Coordinator

Veronika Homolka has more than 8 years of international experience in Vienna, Regional Expert in Learning & Development for CEE, HR strategist to achieve the organizational objectives and inspire people around her. Talent Management enthusiast to boost people's talents in an environment where they excel. As the only respective Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps™ in Austria her focus is on the development of young and millennial professionals. Veronika led 100+ formal talent assessments, calibration of talent and established succession plans for all leadership positions developing employees on how to use various systems and applications, including L&D Academy and mass communication procedures. She earned her diploma in Executive MBA program (Central European Management Institute in Prague), Master in Business Administration and Bachelor in Applied Linguistics and Interpretation. During her executive studies she introduced her own Research Project named: Counterproductive Behaviour in the workplace. Veronika has been a member of PWN Vienna since 2019 acting in her mentor and mentee roles.


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