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Tania Beciez Cambray, Membership Coordinator

Tania Beciez is a Project Manager and Agile Coach dedicated for +10 years to promoting development and efficient work on Teams. She started her career at IBM and has being in love of the impact that technology can have to improve peoples lives. Ever since she has been dedicated to technology projects specializing in the Project Management profession in all its flavors: traditional, agile, hybrid, etc. In 2018 Tania started her biggest project so far, planning moving to Vienna, which she has achieved by 2020 and keeps learning every day lots of things and I am delighted to keep in the path.

Becoming an Engineer in her homeland Mexico where only 15% of the matricula in her career are women made her aware of how important it is to keep working towards empowering women. She is convinced that a more gender balance leadership is key to achieve the true potential as a society. Therefore, whatever we do today, is key to pave the road for the women and men of tomorrow.


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