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by Evi Psaltidi

In ancient Greece, women were forbidden to attend the Olympics. If any woman dared to violate the law, she would be thrown off the cliffs of the mountain Typaios,

close to ancient Olympia. But in 396 BC, at the 96th Olympiad, one woman dared to break the law, Kallipateira from Rhodes. She accompanied her son to ancient Olympia

after disguising herself as his trainer. She managed to enter the stadium to watch her son’s struggle without being suspected, but as her son won, Kallipateira jumped

up full of excitement. Unfortunately, her cloth got caught somewhere, revealing that she was actually a woman. The Jurors didn’t punish Kallipateira out of respect and admiration for her family, as her father and her brothers were all important Olympic athletes. Since then, a lot of things have changed, and finally in 1900 in Paris, women participated for the fi rst time at the Olympic Games. Nowadays, women are competing in all sports.

In our modern times, women are everyday-athletes. They strive for their rights whether in the private arena or in the business world. They still have to fight for their

rights, for their place in society, for getting recognition. They are athletes at a relay race and each one of them, by giving the baton to the next woman-athlete, is spreading

seeds across the world, which will fl ourish and share the message “We can make a difference!”

Illustration by Evi Psatidi

About the Author

If you are interested in seeing more of my work, please visit me at my new website In addition to the prints available on-line, I also specialise in

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