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Meet the co-presidents 2018/20

We are delighted to welcome our newly elected co-presidents for the next term 2018-2020! Claudia Cordie and Karin Schreiner have presented their vision, values, goals and strategies at the last PWN General Meeting. We are looking forward to many exciting and interesting projects, events and activities in the next two years.

Karin Schreiner and Claudia Cordie

“As PWN Co-President I would love to contribute to the goal of supporting women seeking to develop and expand their career as I consider helping others and advancing gender balance extremely motivating and rewarding goals. They also represent a long-standing interest that brought me to write in 1998, my degree dissertation on “Gender geography - women, urban space and planning” the first ever thesis on such topics presented at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bari. In the last year I have been also involved as a researcher in an international independent study on “Women at the UN Accountability Buddy Network” dealing with gender mainstreaming in the UN recruitment system.” Claudia Cordiè

The Election Process

The Advisory Board of PWN Vienna (“AB”) has created a Succession Committee for the election cycle. Some of you may be unfamiliar with the role that the Advisory Board plays in choosing the next Co-Presidents. In 2015 after the rebranding of WCN Vienna to PWN Vienna in October 2015, the PWN Vienna Advisory Board (“AB”) made up of active former PWN Vienna presidents, unanimously agreed to focus on strategic planning to support the Co-Presidents and assist in guiding the planning and implementation of PWN Vienna’s long-term strategic planning, as well as providing a framework for choosing PWN Vienna Co-Presidents. In order to implement the latter task, the AB drafted the Leadership Succession Handbook, and prepares and organises a Leadership Information Meeting (“LIM”) to provide information about the Co­Presidency. As a result of that process, prospective candidates are invited to submit an Application and other supporting materials. Candidate interviews are held by the AB Succession Committee and a recommendation is made to the Steering Committee to elect the candidates based on the Succession Committee recommendation. A slate is then prepared for the PWN Vienna membership, who will be asked to approve the slate at a General Meeting. Preferable, the AB holds a joint meeting with the prospective candidates and the Steering Committee, but the prospective candidates will be on holiday until prior to the General Meeting, but will be introducing themselves to the membership prior to their election at the February GM.

“The position of Co-President of PWN Vienna appeals to me, because the network is well known and highly respected. I would like to contribute to its reputation and to increase its network. The position offers a wide range of areas of possible engagement and responsibilities that I would like to take up in accordance with my skills and competences. The co-leading position attracts me because I am convinced that such a collaboration is a great resource in terms of providing diverse point of views to reach goals.” Katrin Schreiner

The PWN Vienna Succession Committee members conducting the interviews of Claudia Cordiè and Karin Schreiner were Caterina Galea, Mickela Moore, and Catherine Tezcan. The Succession Committee found the following to be persuasive in assessing the suitability of these prospective Co­Presidents:

1. A commitment to PWN Vienna

  • Both inspired and energised by PWN Vienna

  • Karin has served as a mentor, not only in the PWN Mentoring Programme, but also at the University of Vienna.

  • Claudia has transferable skills from serving as President in another organisation similar in structure to PWN Vienna

  • Both have committed to the 2-year time period, as well as the weekly time commitment or other time as required by the role

2. Proven leadership skills

  • Both have extensive intercultural experience, having studied, lived and worked in numerous countries.

  • Claudia, an environmental economist and expert in sustainable development, has managed teams and is President of the Vienna Family Network, with 2500 people on its membership rolls, leading its rebranding process and restructuring.

  • Karin, who owns her own intercultural training consultancy, is also a professor at the University of Vienna and has written and published extensively in her field.

3. Complementary and compatible personality and leadership styles

After the two candidates were interviewed, the Succession Committee held an interview with both candidates and asked them to collaborate and provide a response to questions on leadership, conflict resolution and strategy.


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