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Agency Through Integrity

Thank you to Daniela Razocher for her Agency Through Integrity workshop in November 2018! Daniela is an Attention & Stress Management Expert offering body-based coaching. The theme of the workshop was aligning mind, emotions and body. Our bodies give us an excellent indication of our emotional and mental state, and we can help release tension and feel more grounded and stable if we become more in tune and aware with what our body is telling us.

Maybe you know situations from daily life where you are so stressed that you forget to eat or drink enough, or moments when you are too emotional and you feel you can’t make rational decisions, or situations when you are physically so exhausted that everything - even the stuff you love doing - seems like hard work.

The aim of the "Agency through Integrity" workshop, was to show a practical and embodied way to get your balance and alignment back. You learn greater mental, emotional and physical awareness, which form a solid basis on which you are able to make good decisions as and when you need to.

The workshop was for anyone ready to let go of blame, explanations and excuses, and open to exploring a self-empowering way of creating change by steadily building your attention and awareness in everyday moments that count and that add up to the big picture of your life. In the workshop, we learned:

  • about the 3-layer awareness model and how it can help you get more aligned in everyday life,

  • a couple of embodied practices to strengthen your presence and integrity,

  • a simple process of embodying your reaction and letting it go so you find new ways of being. 

As a grand finale to the workshop, we allowed our bodies to connect to the music and dance freely. Before that, we learnt breathing techniques to re-energise, and looked at personal, emotional situations where we felt stuck, to realise that we have more than one option on how to react to any given situation.

Many of us spend much of our time operating only from the mind. A session with Daniela is warmly recommended. She brings positive energy and encouragement – and if a mere 2 hours already make a big difference, imagine what a whole course with her can bring!

About Daniela Razocher With a background in language communication and cultural transfer, Daniela Razocher has been a body-based attention and awareness professional for the past 7 years, sharing simple, practical tools of self-empowerment with her clients in one-to-one settings and workshops. Her expertise lies in seeing the big picture and offering small, practical steps to move towards your goal. She is a bridge builder between the old and the new, technology and the human sphere, the individual and the community. For more information visit the website:

"I love working with people who want to get things moving and wish to bring their talents and dreams into reality. Teaching body attention is my field of expertise, where I am in my element and with which I support other people in realising their potential. Showing my clients how to let go of fixed ideas of ourselves and the world in order to have a fresh and real look at life is what I am dedicating my professional life to.“

Daniela Razocher


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